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FAITH ENABLED… this week @ Revival

If you are looking for a night of breakthroughs, deliverance and being fully powered through faith, then this is one of those nights! So, why don’t you SHARE this good news to your close friends?

SERMON - FAITH ENABLED - through obedience and & belief: by Jithu John

CHOIR If they bless you week in/out, then it’s time to encourage and thank them.

Upcoming Growth Opportunities

(please lock-in your dates):

🔜 12th (Saturday) August- Revival YOUTH NIGHT

🔜 18th (Friday) August - Revival HOME CELL GROUP

🔜 19th (Saturday) - Revival VISION NIGHT

🥗 Hospitality & Fellowship: Do you like to make generosity infectious? Help others try your recipe as well... please e-mail me at

I'll post your recipe here....

Can't wait to say hi to you at Church.

Pastor Matt.

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