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GIVING: A historic day at Revival

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Did you know; in the history of the Church, we have never taken a public offering. In

spite of many enquires, we have always encouraged cheerful private giving.

The exciting news is.... that is changing for the good from this week. In line with the scripture, it is important that we give you an opportunity in the service to cheerfully bless the mission of the Church and be blessed.


GIVING: God wants us to give with a willing heart


Gifts for Building the Temple

1 Chronicles 29: 9, 14-17 - Josephine

KIDS CHURCH: Did you know we have a dedicated teacher - Anju to teach your children the word of God? So, make sure your children take advantage of this opportunity and also drop by and say hello to the teacher.

Please join us with your friends and be blessed!🤝

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