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Like A Make Over?

Hello Familia! Welcome to the gathering of His people this evening!😊

Like A Makeover? The modern era of Western super-individualism - which is almost a sickne

ss; the ever living and active Word of God is loud and clear: “We should not stop gathering together with other believers…” Hebrews 10:25 (God’s Word).

Last week I guess; we grasped that “standing up” is not just a verb, rather acknowledgment/confession of Christ, and I really relished preaching it😊….

This week we’ll delve a bit more briefly about the dramatic transformation that happens to you when you stand up for Jesus.

Sermon: Standing Up - Like A Makeover? by Pastor Matt



Psalm 115:1-11 - Josephine

The One True God

See ya this evening!🫂💒


CAUTION: You might be used to words like Christ-likeness; however you might not be quite used to hearing or reading the term "Oneness." Christian-Oneness is not a warm-fuzzy feeling or about Naturism (nature worship or physiolatory) or non-dualism or kundalini or new ageism or self turning to god: self-god or self-awakening and Christ-consciousness, rather acknowledgingonfessing (affirmation/state of being) Christ as your Lord and saviour/obeying His commandments/knowing (John 14:15-31) the father’s business. (John 15:14-15).

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