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Our Services

 Worship Experiences at Revival Ministries are vibrant, interactive and suitable for all ages.

Worship Encounter

Revival Bible study is designer to train you to attempt greater things in life for God and for your community.

Bible Study

We excel in Pastoral Care and spiritual guidance with focus on migrants students families and individuals. 

Pastoral Care

What We Offer?

We believe that the church is established by God for the glory of God to evangelise the world to God. 

We are passionate about God and people. 

Revival Ministries' purpose is Revival, Renewal and Restoration of people to God. 

We lead people through Evangelism by preaching of the Gospel. Discipleship by training in Christian world view. Living right in spirit and in truth. 

Mobile: +61 431 560 773


165 Bennett Rd,

St Clair NSW 2759


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