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 A Church for Revival

Revival Ministries is an organisation with a Christian world view. Revival initiated as a home gathering in 2011. It was inaugurated in July 2017 as a Christian Ministry.

We intent to lead people into valuable and active agents of the Kingdom of God on earth in subject to Jesus Christ in Action & thought.


Our Core Values

Integrity - Individual openness, who you see is who we are

Reverence - Doing all things in fear of God 

Honour - Respect & Value all people as Gods creation

We believe, that The Church​ is

Established by God for the

Glory of God to

Evangelise the world to God.


We are passionate about God and people.

Revival Ministries' purpose is Revival, Renewal and Restoration of people to God.


We lead people through

Evangelism by preaching of the Gospel.​

Discipleship by training in christian world view.

Living right in spirit and in truth.


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